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Its been an interesting last few months with cold fronts blasting throughout the states. Our Central Florida waters have chilled down quite abit-many of us preferring warmer weather to paddle by. Our manatees have left(even Molly )this year. This is a good think- better chance of survival if our winter months take a turn for a prolong freeze or icy conditions- not what Florida  promotes of course- but at least we aren’t shoveling snow…..

        Our Pelican population has been wonderful! They are a spectacular sight lining up the walls and shorelines huddling keeping warm. They summer ocean side-winter intracoastal side:)  Their is a small spoil  island  just 15 miles north of us that hosts a  large  pod of white Pelicans. They are awesome !

Pesky dolphins have been abundant- I say Pesky because they have a sweet charm about them sneaking up on folks…our paddlers-and myself- will be drifting watching them feed or play with mullets,  only to have the dolphins   disappear under the kayak and resurface gleefully to totally disguise their whereabouts!  Almost like a visual tag… you think they are right beside you- a whoosh! A heavy breadth of fishy hot air spills out as they surface opposite where you expect them to  pop up. Quite entertaining at that. Its when they actually throw a small fish at you that you realize these guys truly think about us as their entertainment! I am always in awe of their engaging skills-physically and mentally.
More on that later:)

The paddling for us since Christmas has been hit or miss, sometimes sunny warm days will invite us out, briefly for a few hours until the cold creeps into our bones…..I become quite grumpy after several cloudy days…at least I can take a few days off now and then due to inclement weather. Spring is around the corner and we willl be out straight kayaking, giving tours and playing on the water. We have a new paddling adventure for April- more on details later.

Anyways, I miss the time out on the water sharing the Florida wildlife- and keeping an eye on our habitats which are so fragile now. Another BP accident or intense developement will certainly curb our creatures quality of life. Our tradeoff isn’t that sweet anymore- keep building and growing without social responsibility for the future…..we need hydroponics, green machines and green thumbs to keep our planet thriving. We need ecology, clean waters and adequate  rookeries, hatcheries with less impact in the oceans, estuaries and watersheds. But we all know that-

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