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May 2022
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Molly the Manatee
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There has been one manatee that has been a resident of our canals for over 2 years now. We call her Molly, as it suits her jolly, friendly personality. We remind our paddling guests not to touch or encourage interaction among manatees or wild life in general.

Molly is like an old friend, she will swim by, check you out , glide under the kayak or follow you into St. Joe’s . She just is an old soul who is a  traveler with nothing but time ahead of her….
She tends to frequent the harbor as she munches away on the algae growth underneath boats or docks . The local diver, Rob, routinely cleans boat bottoms and she seems to hang out with him when he and his crew dives. She never has been seen with other manatees, which makes me wonder if she has lost her family at some point in the past…or is she shunned from the other 15 or so Palm Coast Manatees.
I will try to document our local sea cows, as we had a new birthing in “C” section 49 days ago. (Rob, witness the baby when she was around 2 days old-umbilical cord dangling still. We haven’t seen the youngster yet, but can’t wait!)
Molly is extremely friendly on occassion, and will seek out attention from our paddlers- which we warn is not to be encouraged, but to  enjoy at a distance.
Last winter was fairly brutal with such prolonged cold weather….Molly never left our backyards or canals to leave for warmer waters….she survived, and we were so relieved as 3 weeks went by in February, without our seeing or hearing about her. She is an amazing manatee.
Over 600 manatees died in Florida since January 2010.

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