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May 2011
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Manatee Whisperer
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Days are sweeping by quickly with the paddling season upon us.
 The manatees have been wonderful! 2 new local babies, and a new mom loaded with barnacles on her topside have kept us amused and amazed how fragile these  mermaids are…..
I will try to post pics here soon..but blogging is new for me.

There is a lone  juvenile manatee (Eleanor Rigby) that still comes and eats the grass from the bottom of docks here, and another turtle who seems to have picked up residency as well  at the Palm Coast Marina ….he has replaced Harry whose shell and carcass we found last fall….so sad. Prop killed him.

 Anyways, dolphins have been so abundant for paddlers, today especially, with the bait flowing in with the rising tide.

This morning-3 Manatees came into the kayak launch ramp to munch under our paddleboard dock!  To top t off, a small black snack- who also is totally misplaced- was tagging behind effortlessly…how cool is that!

Thats Mondays news clip…..need to go paddle boarding!

Yes, stand up paddle boarding is easy and so much fun! I have been playing aorund with them for over a year- no big deal to folks here…and now , everyone wants to try it!

 Sundays will be (SUP)paddle board demo time for those who want to try  and not sure they can!
 Call us!
386-445-0506 or check out www.kayakcafe.com for more info!

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Manatees,shrimp and dolphins in Palm Coast
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It takes a rainy day for us to have time off to blog….. The winds have been sweet from the ocean this month , carrying a salty flavor and cool breeze to caress the local  waterways and creeks. The sun not quite too hot yet, though drinking more water to hydrate  is on the menu this month. We are grateful on this side of the ICW ,we always we have a nice breeze on the waters edge to cool off with.

We have noticed a few more bait fish and shrimp popping about. Paddlers return….and once in a while a solitary dried fish waits to be placed back into its watery resting place where the crabs do their janitorial jobs…eating carcasses, keeping the bottom clean and tidy. Every creature has a purpose, and the crabs certainly are  a very important cleaner for the waterways bottoms. We salute the crabs this month….so many sizes, colors and personailties! The are wonderful caretakers of the banks, thousands of tini holes   along the waters edge , stoically guarding their homes and quickly scurring as soon as  a shadow catches them ahead of our kayaks…Blue, orange, white, grey, scarlet….so many colors to entertain us .

Manatees are active now as well. We have a new juvenile we named El (Eleanor Rigby as suggested by one of our facebook friends) .El has been seen all week at the marina basin, along the fuel dock and in the cansl. We guess she is the new born we had last year…she is baout 4 to 5 feet, slender and scarred already. Not as friendly as Molly, but accepting of people watching and taking photos.

A new shipment of stand up paddleboards came in yesterday, and of course I needed to test them out. I had my phones with me in the dry bag- but carelessly forgot my camera. 2 nice size manatees  , very slowly swam by the canal wall as I paddled  along side…my cell phone was not fast enough to snap a pic  each time they surfaced…I think they were more curious about me standing on top of a board looking all funny and strange to them while apparently moving on the waters surface….They stayed at least 6 feet to my side  , but we were in sync with eachother for a while…..
I love the paddle boards-great exercise and easier than most think.

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